Mamadou Saliou Diallo, Founder & CEO

Mamadou Diallo, the founder and CEO of American Dara Academy, is a current certified medical professional in the US. His dream was to establish an educational institution 15-20 years ago, that would embody the philosophy of Qur’anic Memorization and Islamic Education. At that time the opportunity to initiate this type of learning establishment was not feasible. It took several subsequent years of planning to finally actualize his dream.

Mamadou Diallo had seven years of training as a young child in Qur’anic education as most Muslim children. He attended a Franco-Arab high school and later obtained a US Student Visa, to continue his studies. He attended City University of New York and received his Associate’s Degree in Accounting in 2010. Subsequently, he attended the CUNY School of Medicine/City College of New York for five years from 2012 to 2017. He is currently a Board-Certified Primary Care Physician Assistant with the Essen Medical Associates in New York City, USA.

Mamadou Diallo, is proficient in English, French, and Fulani. In conclusion, he continues to be a goals-driven visionary who advocates for children and academic/religious excellence.